International Connections

Soon after the collapse of the former Soviet Union, Rural Chaplains were invited by The United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries to be part of its exploratory efforts to develop strategies/partnerships for planting congregations and to assist communities in responding to existing needs.

RCA continued to relate to rural Russian pastors and their ministries and communities for a number of years. There have been four Russian Rural Chaplains. In the early years, there were two English Rural Chaplains connected with the Agricultural Center. More recently, a Rural Chaplain from the States moved to England to serve Angelican churches in a rural parish.

Currently, there are three African Rural Chaplains –two in Kenya and one in Zambia.

G0047International Focus Events

Three of our Focus Events have been international – the first to Guatemala, the second to Peublo, Mexico and the Southeastern Ontario, Canada. We met with leaders of communities in rural areas, toured mission sites and made connections that continue year after year.  Also, we have made trips across the border during Focus Events — to visit farmers in Canada from Detroit, MI: to visit communities and ministries in Mexico from Brownville, TX; and to visit a community in Mexico from Nogales, AZ.