Focus Event 2014 – Carolinas

6South Carolina


OCTOBER 27-30, 2014
This year’s focus was on “The History and Development of African American and Native
American Churches and Communities in the Rural South.” Aside from major presentations, experiential/contextual learning took place as local people shared ministries that reach far beyond their congregations into their communities and beyond. Church and community leaders, lay and clergy, shared how their work through cooperative strategies has led to life/community/world transforming ministries.

The context is the Native American Cooperative Ministries in and around Pembroke, North Carolina and Bennettsville-Cheraw Cooperative Ministries in Bennettsville, South Carolina. Ten of our Rural Chaplains are in ministry within this area of the Carolinas.

Reverend Brad Thie, Director of Thriving Rural Communities Initiative at Duke Divinity School, presented concepts and strategies used to understand and promote “thriving rural communities.” Bishop Hope Morgan Ward of the North Carolina Conference provided leadership in the celebration of Holy Communion/Certification service.

Rev. Brad Thie, Director of Thriving Rural Communities Initiative , Duke Divinity School
Dr. William C. Turner Jr., Professor of Homiletics, Duke Divinity School
Mr. Robert R. Webb, Director of the Rural Church Program of The Duke Endowment
Dr. Linda Oxendine, Professor emeritus, University of North Carolina & Native American Resource Center
Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church
Rev. Dr. Kenneth W. Locklear, Senior Pastor of Prospect UMC
Rev. Jeffrey Salley, South Carolina Conference Congregational Specialist for African American Ministries
Rev. Dr. Robert Mangum , Advocate for Native Americans

Dr. Carolyn Cummings Woriax, Visitation chaplain, Prospect UMC
Mr. Gary Locklear, Church & Community Worker; Coordinator of Native American Ministries, NC
Rev. Leatha Brown, Director of Bennettsville Cheraw Cooperative Ministries
Mrs. Shirley Townsend-Jones, Church & Community Worker, Bennettsville-Cheraw
Ms. Darlene Jacobs, Director of Robeson Church and Community Center
Rev. Millie Nelson Smith, Congregational Specialist, Marion & Florence Districts,SC
Marian David, Founding Director of “Sustaining the Soul that Serves”
Bishop Jonathan Holston, South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church