Focus Event 2023 – Southeastern Kansas

Fort Scott, Kansas

Focus Events allow us to get together for fellowship, learning opportunities and to conduct the business of the organization.

Above: ministers from around the world who serve in the US shared their perspective on their ministries. It’s amazing to realize that the Christian missionaries who left the US to preach around the world in the previous century have now produced Christian missionaries that return to the US to share Christ.

We visited the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas and met an inspiring group of men and women providing patient-centered health care for the community. When the local hospitals closed, CHCSEK stepped in to fill the need. They did research on what those needs were and designed their services around the needs. Medical, dental and mental health care are at the core of their service.

“Do all the good that you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways that you can, for just as long as you can.” 

Mother Mary Bernard Sheridan

Education is a high priority, being able to offer medical and dental residencies. They are also adding programs to prepare local people to work in health care, this enabling the individual to find a higher-paying job and the clinic to find needed workers.

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