Welcome to the home of the Rural Chaplains Association!

A network and covenanting fellowship of Laity and Clergy who are called and choose to minister with persons, families, churches, projects, institutions and communities located in isolated areas, open country, villages and small and large towns.





RURAL CHAPLAINS are persons who have responded to God’s call to serve rural communities and congregations

RURAL CHAPLAINS come from diverse backgrounds, with varied education and life experiences, that uniquely equip them to serve rural persons, families, institutions, communities and congregations in challenging and productive ways. The rich diversity of those certified reflects the landscape that brings beauty, along with challenges and uncertainties, to people living in small towns and outlying rural areas.







RURAL CHAPLAINS serve in a wide array of settings from both religious and secular fields: counselors, farmers, ranchers, homemakers, consultants, pastors, teachers, health care providers, agronomists, environmentalists, etc.








For more information contact :

Dr. Judy C. Matheny P.O. Box 55, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745 jcm2174@gmail.com OR Rev. Dr. Dorsey H. Walker 4705 Al Hwy #40, Dutton, Al 35744 dhwalker@centurytel.net



Donations can be made here: Advance Special RCA





6 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Good morning, Bob.
    I am in mentorship with Backstory Preaching. In searching for our mission statement I landed here. Beautifully created. Looking forward to being back with the gang when financially more stable.
    Rural United Ministry is meeting in person since July 2021.

    Thank you, for following Rural United Ministry facebook page. It is a developing ministry that has been fruitful.

    How do you set up a link for donations? Could you contact my husband? HE is our internet master and videographer.

    Much blessing brother. Be well. and May the Holy Spirit abound. Love to Julie. M

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