Rural Chaplains are lay and clergy persons who have responded to the call to live in, work with and advocate for town and rural persons, families, churches and communities.

Rural Chaplains serve as a voice for justice and an instrument of hope and healing for those who experience pain and economic hardships.

Primary Goal of the Rural Chaplains Association is to promote connections among persons living and serving in rural areas and to provide training and learning experiences for leadership and personal development of Rural Chaplains.

Focus Events provide training, fellowship, and networking to both lay and clergy persons as well as a supportive setting for sharing insights an perspectives on rural churches and communities.

Rural Chaplains serve in a wide array of settings from both religious and secular fields: counselors, farmers, ranchers, homemakers, consultants, pastors, teachers, health care providers, agronomists, environmentalists, etc.

The Rural Chaplains Association was organized in 1991 in response to the United States’ farm crisis in the 1980’s as a means of providing support and encouragement to farm families, communities, and congregations impacted by the farm crisis.

Rural Chaplains Continue to be a Ministry of Presence

(1) Building Relationships. . .

. . .with rural families, churches and communities facing issues including economic, education, health, social, multi-cultural and spiritual struggle;

(2) Promoting Partnerships within the communities where they live and serve in ministry.

Becoming a Rural Chaplain involves an application process which includes attending annual meetings/focus events, meeting review committees, and being approved for certification.  The Rural Chaplains Association includes ecumenical and international members.

For more information contact:

Judy Matheny, RCA Administrator, PO Box 55, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745 jcm2174@gmail.com